G E N A R A L · C O M M A N D S
!values | find all the values for our chat.
!clip | you want to clip the content? Here is all you need.
!challenge| find all information about the sims challenge.
!lurk | when you want to be inactive in chat but still support with a view.
!unlurk | when you come back after a lurk.
!emotes | when you wanna know who creates my emotes.
!newbie | A little conversation starter for new people
!timezone | Find out what timeit is for me
!merch | Find my merch
!schedule | find my schedule

M Y · L I N K S · C O M M A N D S
!discord | the link to this discord.
!socials | my links to other platforms.
!twitter, !tiktok, !instagram, !hover, !youtube | You get the Idea!

C U T E · C O M M A N D S
!ban username | Ban someone as a joke
!cookie username | treat someone with cookies
!egg | lifts a secret
!hug username | you can give a user a hug.
!hugme | you can get hugged by me.
!hype | for some hype in the chat
!kisscam | you will be on the kiss cam with a random user.
!sounds | get a list of sounds you can play on stream

M O D S · O N L Y · C O M M A N D S
!so | giving someone a shout out.
!raid | shows our raid message for chat users to copy.